Every time I look at the star I think about the crazy long journey three kings went on. It took them 1-2 years, following a bright star in the eastern sky, to finally find the King who was rumored to have arrived. Those three wise leaders went on a faith walk for thousands of miles. I wonder if they ever wanted to quit and go home? I wonder if they got totally annoyed with one another? I wonder if they got sick or dehydrated or they had to buy a new camel to travel on? But as the story goes, they met Jesus face to face after moving forward with persistent faith. They kept their eyes fixed on that star, and their hope set on someone not yet seen. When they arrived at Jesus’ parents’ house they knelt down and looked into the eyes of a two year old. They met their King. This boy, who would spend about 30 years of his life as an apprentice to his wood working dad, would then go on to revolutionize religious paradigms. The wise men gave gifts to Jesus, toddler Jesus, which had deep meaning and prophetic intentions…nice to meet you here is embalming oil (myrrh). In faith they traveled and by faith they believed that this boy would be their savior; everyone’s savior. All they had to do was believe and have faith. So much has changed since then, but really so much has remained the same. Believe and have faith. This star is glowing with a reminder of adventure, faith, hope, rescue, redemption and celebration. #bemerry #youareloved #nurturingpeople