Would you rather have a sexy body or a beautiful mind?

Would you rather live in a big house with stress and chaos or a small house with peace?

Would you rather be popular and physically ill or healthy and have one good friend?

Would you rather have crows feet around your eyes and laugh lines around your mouth, or would you rather be in debt to beauty trends?

Would you rather have stories that are daring and bold that include failing or stories about safe attempts to be normal?

Would you rather give money and things away and feel deep joy, or would you rather have everything and feel apathy for life?

Would you rather know what it means to miss someone or someplace, or would you rather never have known the person or place that creates a sense of void?

Would you rather have no scars from acne or pregnancy or falling off your bike, or would you rather have no reason to ride, no family to nurture or no reminders of how much you’ve grown?

Would you rather watch a plot twist or experience your own plot twist?

So, let’s go and live the rather instead of wondering what would have been.