I’ve been thinking about something Marshal McLuhan said back in 1964 about the way we communicate. He said, “The medium is the message.” The level at which the message gets misunderstood or embraced depends on the medium it comes through.

It’s been a weird season for me and social media. I go through phases of being active and then passive and also totally ignoring it. However, I struggle with fully disengaging. Partly because I realize some greatness can come out of sharing. So, in light of that and within my recent break from FB and Instagram, I’ve grown these thoughts…

Do we believe where we are is beautiful?

When we look at staged photos of color coordinated closets, immaculate laundry rooms and a sibling tribe of perfectly dressed kids — ages 5 and under, you just wonder how we are all thriving. If we can’t gather our emotions long enough to refuse these images, how will we find the courage to teach our own little tribe to believe where we are is beautiful?

When you look up from the feed that seldom feeds you, do you still see what you like? Do you see what you are in the middle of building? After all, you are creating and feeding and building something real; something very much alive.

Does social media feed you?

Your life is in constant movement. Some days may feel stuck or derailed or like walking backwards, but that’s movement. Who says forward movement is the best? That gets redefined in motherhood. We live with so many feelings and experiences, why add to it the tension that bubbles up from too much social media.

We spend so much time looking at frozen shots or 10 second loops of points in time within other people’s lives.

We are a collection of beatutiful, plus messy with a side of momentary perfection. That all gets lost in translation in certain mediums.

Are you free to abandon perfection?

So what happens when we spend so long digesting images currated by minds who want to be perecieved as influencial and worthy of likes? Those hand-picked moments get adopted as our personal goals and uncomfortably pushed into our real world happenings. Subconsciously, they do.

It just shouldn’t be this way. When immersed in the act of creating, raising up and guiding children you need to be free to abondon perfection.

Our souls demand this of us. Our children beg us, in silent attempts, to be more than moments to capture. To be more than a post, captured in perfect light while surrounded by monochromatic fabrics and shared in an attempt to influence.

We are more than these moments. We are.

The medium is the message. Your medium, your life, your home, your messy closet, your laundry room that eats half your family’s socks, your refrigerator that houses too much cheese….this is your space. Be okay with it. Or change it. But don’t allow your motivation to change to come from another mother’s moment in time temporarily supported by 5,465 likes.

Be smart, be wise and be intentional.

Be smart, as you are already smart, about feeding your mind. The messages you spend time believing will impact how you are over there building, creating and caring for your family.

Choose wisely, as you are wise, and look around your space with freedom to build your message, within your home, far beyond the image on your screen because that is where love is growing and love can’t be currated for a post.

All the goodness and authenticity a growing family requires is found inside the hearts and minds of the people living in that family. Choose where your messages come, use them as your tools or discard them if they aren’t helping you build your family up.

Be picky. Be intentional. Be aware of your needs, then be aware of how you feed your mind and your heart.

You are smart. You are wise. You are the builder. Go and gather your tools to support your family’s growth. Make sure to vet the messages being shared with you when you scroll your feeds. Choose how you feed you mind, because the medium is the message.

Photo via Pixels.