We focus much of our attention on the things that go on outside of our homes. Don’t we? The stories in the news, the hype of the award shows, the sports games and certificates of achievement, all these things are how we measure success in our culture. It’s really easy to forget that everyone began at home, talking and having meals, and it’s where they, we, were anchored for our becoming.

“It’s in the houses that people talk, and do things and have meals. Nothing goes on in the in-between places.” C.S. Lewis

That idea is tucked into a paragraph found on the pages of C.S. Lewis’ book, The Magician’s Nephew.  It stopped me when I read it, and I began to think…

A home is the space that gives the other places their fill. We spend so much time being cultivated and nurtured inside our homes.  Then as we grow we end up spending time in the in-between and giving our gifts and talents to the places that need it, and in a way we need those places too. Eventually a familiar desire for home challenges us to move. If we grew up in amazing homes, we imagine modeling a home to be similar to where we came from. If we grew up in a not so amazing home, we dream of the ways to make our future home better. Either way, our hearts eventually guide us away from the in-between places toward home.

Home is more than a place. It’s an arrival, within your soul, claiming “I belong here.”

Home is were there is a quiet awareness of belonging, and from belonging grows a richness to create, talk and make things better. When we know and believe we belong, we can love and have the courage to fail. We can have hard conversations because we know talking won’t make us homeless, rather it feeds the soul and inspires relationships, thoughts and new ideas. That’s the stuff that fills the in-between spaces. That’s what home nurtures.




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