It was a rainy Tuesday in August and the three of us were grumpy. Living in a post-Covid world with kids has enabled me to explore new levels of emotions.

I just wanted bedtime to be immediately. Instead, it was 1:34pm and no one was resting. That means no break for me either, and when the ages of the kids in our home are 5 and 2.5 years old, skipping rest time sucks.

The music was on faintly in the background of our day, so I turned it up. I collected all the throw pillows in the house and tossed them onto the floor. The boys looked kinda concerned and also equally excited. I faked my desire to have fun, and I just started hopping to the beat of the music from one pillow to the next. It actually caused my mood to shift from grumpy to not so grumpy.

We had a spontaneous dance party and our feet were everywhere. The more I moved the clearer my mind became. Pretty soon the floor became hot lava (of course!) and then the family room transformed into a headquarters of some kind. I wasn’t calling the shots, I just kept moving and playing with the space I was in. It was my discovered way to get out of the space in my tired-out mom mind.

The boys pretended to sleep in their headquarters and they let me know my sleeping spot was on the stairs. Sitting up. Oh. Okay.

I sat on the wood steps and chose to meditate and be thankful while deep breathing. Three counts in and five counts out. It was so relaxing. This is the stuff I learned while doing Dr. Caroline Leaf‘s Switch app. I just never thought I’d be calming my nerves while pretending to be in a secret headquarters. But, I also never thought we’d have “quarantined for four months” in our recent past. Just go with it. All of it.

Stress and emotions look all kinds of weird when parenting. Sprinkle into that the awkward reality of a global pandemic and we have a mega mental clutter fest. But, on this day I chose to move.

We all felt kinder and happier there after. Until no one wanted to eat any of their veggies for dinner…mmmkkk, breathe…

Then move.