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This is me, on a day when I was not wearing a hoodie

I’m Teresa, the creator and writer of Nurturing People, a blog about the moments that grow us, or me, but hopefully you can relate.

My essays have been published at ScaryMommy.com. I’m working on writing a book, I’m sure I’ll finish it someday.  Currently, my days are filled with the stuff of raising a toddler and a preschooler, realizing no one is coming to make me lunch, and stopping in the mirror to remind myself that I DO look good in that hoodie. I’m thankful that my husband agrees. He’s cool like that.

Beyond essays, I have produced digital media content, videos and written website copy. I like communicating with purpose through creative mediums. That’s probably why I worked hard for a B.S. in Broadcast Journalism and a M.A. in Communication Studies both from Liberty University.

Below is a quick look at some content I was a part of creating.

Scriptwriter and Producer for this video, first ran live at a major fundraiser for Water Street Health Services.

Copywriter for Water Street Missions’ new website launch: www.wsm.org

Video Producer and Assistant Director for these videos for Crossroads Church in Cincinnati, OH. (There’s way more to share, but here are two.)


Scriptwriter, Interviewer, and Director & Producer for this video, which first ran live at a major fundraiser event for Water Street Mission.

Scriptwriter, Director and Set Designer for this video:


There’s more, but I’m sure you have things to do and places to go.

All the best as you adventure on,

Teresa B. Duffy

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