Simple Mindshift

By: Teresa B. Duffy

Here’s How I Naturally Think

Shit! I have to clean three toilets and four sinks.

It’s a pain in the ass to sweep these floors.

There’s way too many leaves in my backyard, and we need to take time to do something with all of them.

I’ve lost another sock in the laundry, which is super annoying because I adore socks and there are no giant holes in my washer or dryer.

I have to think of three meals a day to feed my family that aren’t shitty, and that include protein, carbs, healthy grains and fats. Ugh! Let’s eat crackers and humus with a block of cheese. Yes, let’s.

Here’s How I Practice Thinking 

I have three bathrooms and one kitchen sink, and I am able to clean them when and how I want.

I get to sweep wood floors. I like wood floors. Also, I like my pets even though I sweep more because of their hair. Plus, my dog eats the food my toddler drops on the floor and that’s a huge help. It’s like my dog has a chore.

I love watching my little boy play in the leaves as my greyhound sprints around on his imaginary track. Leaves decompose. Good thing for that.

I have socks and shirts and pants to wear. My husband and kid have a decent selection of clothing and in a way it makes me smile to fold a man’s size M shirt than find a toddler size 24M needing folding. We have a washer and drier in our house to wash and dry clothes whenever we want.

I’m getting better at cooking and meal planning. As least I can enjoy a glass of wine as I cook dinner, in the comfort and space of our kitchen. I’m a creative person, so meals can be fun. Bring on the fun meal prep, and wine.

| photo credit MagicTree via Pixabay |