Published! Also, Rejected.


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Not so long ago, I decided to submit more essays to online sites. So far I’ve been published twice at The links to both essays are below.

But also, four of my essays have been rejected by other sites. I’ve seen “we feel like your essay won’t get the views it deserves”, which is the nicest way to say “rejected!”.

Her View From Home and Motherly are both sites that embody the focus of my current season in life, they accept honest essays and I enjoy writing about the real stuff of life. However, the two times I tried to get my words published at Her View From Home and the one time at Motherly, I missed their mark.

And ya know what? I’m okay with getting cordial rejection letters. It makes me want to keep writing and finding other places to submit my essays, which is something that reminds me how much this gig of pursuing freelance writing is genuine. Oh, and I have an open door invite to keep submitting to those two previously mentioned sites. So, I’ll keep walking through that door even if I don’t get invited to the table. Not yet. But soon. Why keep returning?

Well, once I spent two hours writing. I do think that second hour would have been omitted if I wasn’t also answering to “Mama!?!” questions and switching over laundry and helping someone off the potty. But, two hours later I was done with an essay that had a pulse. Then I accidentally deleted it. Gone. Bye-bye.

I paused for a moment and thought, “That was fun!”, and I meant it.

I love the process of writing and the discovery along the way; the idea grows in my mind and travels from my brain to my fingers and into words. So, I closed my laptop and moved on through the day like I just hit publish instead of accidentally wiping out that essay.

For me writing is about writing. It can stay hidden in a journal, or deleted five seconds after all the words have been fine tuned in black and white. Either way, it’s an offering. I deeply believe we all have offerings to push out into the world. It doesn’t matter if they get published, rejected or deleted. The point is: you, I, we made the effort to make that offering real. Let the world do what it wants with your gift, but don’t quit trying. Give yourself time to arrive; let the process motivate you not the result.

Here’s the result of two out of many writing tries I’ve offered.

Click to read.

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