I recently woke up to the reality that I had stopped dreaming. Somewhere between now and then I’d lost my hold on looking toward the future. I was emptied out by this normal life, and in the void, I rediscovered my calling.

There’s this cluster of words in an ancient text that I’ve heard most of my life, and have read over and over. These words are like fresh grapes on a vine and people use them to comfort others or to remind others that God gives you things to pick. These words, up until recently, have always seemed as fruit for me to consume.

“and He will give you the desires of your heart.”

There’s a few words before those, and they go like this…

“Delight in Him,”

My entire life has been a sequence of pursuit. I’ve set my eyes and heart on the desires of my heart, and when I was running up on a hurdle I would ask God to give me the desires of my heart. I used that cluster of word, from the ancient book of Psalms, like it was written for me.

And in a way it was written for me, and for you, because it’s truth for thriving in this life. But, on that day when I woke up to my emptied out heart void of dreams to chase, something fresh took root deep within my soul.

I had no choices left. The only option for me was to fall below that cluster and rest in the dirt while The Vine of Words covered me from a false reality. I look up at it and saw newness growing. I saw truth differently.

“Delight in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart.”

I had been anchoring my delight in my desires.

On that day, and still today, I am asking God to fill my hear with His desires. It’s gone beyond asking and shifted into craving. My existence as a joyful, present, purposeful human rests under these words of truth. Because, what else is there in life than to live delighted, in Him. That is my calling.

Nurturing People Takes Root

Hello, I began Nurturing People as a hashtag, and it still remains as such.

But, I have a long relationship with writing. Mainly writing stories told by other people, and mostly those stories were shared through videos, but always began with words on paper.  Stop. I’m wrong. They always began with listening.

Although never proven, I think my heart is partially shaped like an ear. I adore listening to other people’s stories about the stuff of life. The second thing I love next to listening to others’ stories is composing her story or his story or their story for others’ hearts and souls to hear. Stories, when told in the right place at the right time, connect us and grow us.

And, so…

After three years of full-on-momming, and dabbling with freelance writing jobs, I decided to focus on my own thing and take Nurturing People beyond a hashtag.

My vision for Nurturing People is to share moments about growing through life as a nurturer. To share stories from my home and hear stories from your home, that grow you and will grow us. As this blog changes from less of my voice, and more of your voice, I hope we can stay connected.

And, just because backgrounds are part of who we are…

At home, I have two boys and I’m married to a great guy, both facts make me the only woman in my house. That’s a huge responsibility for many reasons. Sometimes I freak out about the depth of my calling to raise and nurture boys, but mostly I am grateful. Being a parent has taught me, and brought me into a live-able belief, that we are all created to nurture people at all seasons of growth.

My background in writing and interviewing began a long time ago in 1st grade. My teacher, Mrs. Findley, was most likely tired of answering all my questions and she told me I should be a journalist. So naturally I asked a question like, what is a journalist? Her direct answer lacked a sugar coating and was more like a hammer hitting a nail, a journalist is a person who asks a lot of questions.  I did in fact ask a lot of questions. My first spelling test was straight-up anxiety inducing because I thought I had to write out the entire sentence containing the spelling word I memorized. “Cat, the cat jumped over the fence, cat.” I raised my hand in the middle of the test and asked if we had to spell out the whole sentence. Getting the answer to that question, which was “no” with a laugh, “Just spell the word cat,” made me braver about asking questions. The right questions help with life. It totally grew me.

Fast forward through high school and into college where I landed at Liberty University for both undergrad and graduate degrees.  When higher education was all done with me, I left with a bachelor of science in broadcast journalism and a master of arts in communication. That nail hammered into me in first grade made a good kind of mark on my ego.

I’ve practice my interest for listening, asking questions, then creating content as an assistant news producer with ABC, a producer for The Zone Music video show, the executive producer and story producer with Facing Life Head-On, a producer with Zone Communication Group, a digital media producer at Possible World Wide,  a video producer at Crossroads Church in Cincinnati, OH, and a content producer for Water Street Mission. I plan on continue producing great content that inspires people.


Teresa B. Duffy